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Università della Svizzera italiana University Library Lugano

University Library Lugano


The Lugano University Library website is part of a project for the web communication and management of the University Library Service.

Head of the project: Alessio Tutino
Programming and optimization: Mauro Nidola
Web design: Mattia Pera

In collaboration with Silvio Bindella (Library of the Academy of architecture, Mendrisio)


Previous editions


Sixth edition: 3 January 2014 – project1 by Alessio Tutino and Mauro Nidola. In collaboration with Silvio Bindella.


Fifth edition: 7 January 2008 – by the library staff, particularly Alessio Tutino


Fourth edition: 10 March 2005 – by the library staff


Third edition: 22 March 2002 – by the Webatelier and the library staff


Second edition: July 1999 – by the library staff


First edition: June 1997 – by the library staff






(1): Francesco Rigotti contributed to the initial prototype (programming and optimization)