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Università della Svizzera italiana University Library Lugano

University Library Lugano

Free Internet workstations


At the moment, the workstations are not available.

The Library provides free access to Internet for documentation and research aims.
Computers on the first floor are intended for this purpose.

Users under 14 can access the Internet only if accompanied by an adult (aged 18 years old or older).
Users aged 14 to 18 can access the network individually provided that one parent/tutor has signed the requested authorization form.
Only parents or tutors - not the Library or its staff - are responsible for the information found on the Internet by their children or minors in their care.

Users are required to properly use the available resources, respecting the educational and informational purposes to which they are intended.
The following are strictly prohibited:

  • attempts to infringe the security of local and remote computer system;
  • attempts to damage or alter the hardware and software components of any computer, network or database;
  • unauthorized use of accounts, access codes or IP numbers;
  • violations of license terms;
  • invasion of privacy of third parties;
  • attempts to improperly access any files belonging to others;
  • unauthorized copying of copyrighted material
  • the installation of any software or any part thereof
  • any breach of Netiquette
  • harassment to others

Upon registration at the reception desk, library users can use the machines at their disposal for up to one hour per day. After this time, the system stops the session.

It is possible to run A4 prints at a price of CHF 0.20 each.
The magnetic cards needed to operate the printer (located at levels 1 and 3) are only available from the vending machine located on the first level.

The costs arising from damage caused by improper use of equipment are charged to the user.