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  • Giacoma/Kolb: Il nuovo dizionario di Tedesco

    Published jointly by Zanichelli and Klett, the third edition of the New German Dictionary includes 174'000 entries. It emphasizes grammar structures and offers several language tools, for instance the audio pronunciation of German words. The dictionary includes over 500 false friends and 170 usage notes. Swiss, Austrian and regional language variations are included.

    Keywords: Multilingual dictionary

  • Lessico giuridico - Juristisches Lexikon - Lexique juridique

    The first trilingual Italian-French- German dictionary, with more than 10000 terms and phrases referring to the language of law, politics and administration.  Specialized in Italian and Swiss law, the database also includes references to the legislation of other European countries, particularly French and Germany.

    Keywords: legal science, Multilingual dictionary

  • Oxford Language Dictionaries Online

    Oxford Language Dictionaries Online provides access to bilingual dictionaries and language learning resources. It is possible to consult the following dictionaries: French-English; English-French, featuring over 360000 words and phrases from the Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary; German-English; English-German, featuring over 320000 words and phrases from the Oxford-Duden German Dictionary; Italian-English; English-Italian, featuring over 300000 words and phrases from the Oxford-Paravia Italian Dictionary. Updated annually.

    Keywords: Multilingual dictionary

  • Ragazzini : dizionario italiano-inglese / inglese-italiano

    The Ragazzini English-Italian, Italian-English dictionary contains 120'000 specialized terms, 13'000 synonyms and antonyms, 17'000 “parole amiche”, i.e. words possessing a strong link with the headword, over 2'000 combinations of verb or adjective followed by a preposition, 850 false friends and over 600 usage notes related to language learning. The dictionary is updated yearly with the relevant new terminology. 

    Keywords: Multilingual dictionary