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    JSTOR provides access to the full text of over 12 million documents, including journal articles, books, images, and primary sources, from the earliest editions to the most recent ones. The access is subject to a varying "moving wall" for each publication, which is continuously updated. The scope of content covers a wide range of disciplines (75 subjects). Via the library, users havecan explore the entire digital archive: the 15 Arts & Sciences Collections (I-XV), Biological Sciences, the 4 Business Collections (I-IV), Ecology & Botany, Health & General Sciences, Language & Literature, Life Sciences, Lives of Literature, Mathematics & Statistics, Museum Collection, Sustainability.

    Keywords: arts, culture, education, humanities, legal science, literature, medical science, natural and applied sciences, religion

  • Legalis

    Legalis is the research platform of the publisher Helbing Lichtenhahn. The core element of the database consists of the Basler Kommentare and Commentaires romands, accompanied by the other tools for the various branches of law: law texts, case law, journals, theses and specialised manuals, including some publications by the publishers DIKE, C.H.Beck and Nomos.

    Keywords: case law, legal science, legislation

  • Lessico giuridico - Juristisches Lexikon - Lexique juridique

    The first trilingual Italian-French- German dictionary, with more than 10000 terms and phrases referring to the language of law, politics and administration.  Specialized in Italian and Swiss law, the database also includes references to the legislation of other European countries, particularly French and Germany.

    Keywords: legal science, Multilingual dictionary

  • LexisNexis – Nexis Uni

    Nexis Uni, which replaces Lexis Nexis Academic, features more than 15,000 news, business and legal sources. This database includes thousands of full-text news sources in English and other languages. News coverage includes broadcast transcripts and foreign language news. Legal coverage includes U.S. Supreme Court decisions dating back to 1790, law reviews, legal reference materials, federal and state cases, federal and state statutes and regulations, and Shepard’s Citations.

    Keywords: economics, financial market, legal science, newspaper

  • Raccolta delle leggi del Cantone Ticino

    The compendium of laws of the Canton of Ticino has been online since 1999 and is partly freely accessible. The library subscription version gives access to the following supplementary contents: Legislative texts - previous versions (since 2013), Legislative texts - messages, Legislative texts - jurisprudence, Rivista ticinese di Diritto (since 2004), Rivista di diritto amministrativo e tributario ticinese (2000-2003), Collection of tenancy jurisprudence (since 1991).

    Keywords: case law, legal science, legislation

    For full access to the platform, please contact the Reference service

  • Spoglio dei periodici italiani di economia e scienze sociali (ESSPER)

    It provides indexes from over 800 journals published in Italy in the fields of economics and social sciences. It is possible to search by author and/or title or by groups of journals. Journals are indexed by the ESSPER library network, which comprises 140 libraries including the Biblioteca universitaria di Lugano. Search language: Italian.

    Keywords: economics, legal science, social sciences

  • Swisslex

    Law database that provides access to over 410000 full-text-documents, including the collection of federal and cantonal court rulings, over 60 law journals, 187 commentaries (among which the Berner and the Zürcher Kommentar), over 1000 miscellaneous works (theses, collections, conference proceedings, 350 books published by the major Swiss publishers in the field). It includes a trilingual thesaurus. Search languages: German, French, Italian.

    Keywords: case law, constitutional law, European Union (EU) law, judicial proceedings, legal science, legislation, private law, public law

  • Weblaw

    Swiss law database that offers several search tools for jurists, lawyers and law students. It includes the search engine Lawsearch and the Federal  Court rulings push service. Weblaw provides access to Jusletter and Justice=Justiz=Giustizia magazines. Search languages: German, French.

    Keywords: case law, constitutional law, judicial proceedings, legal science, legislation, private law, public law