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Università della Svizzera italiana University Library Lugano

University Library Lugano

Reference service


Monday – Friday: 9-13 or by appointment


E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: 058 666 4585 / 4504 / 4283


About us

The reference service at the University Library Lugano has been in place since 2005, with the aim to support the research work of the USI community. The staff at the reference service provides instruction in the use of library resources, wishing to make library users independent in their research process.


What we do

  • help to search for specific items or data (books, articles, statistics etc.)
  • assist in searching by subject or by research topic, e.g. in preparation for the thesis

  • instruct in the use of search tools and resources (library catalogues, databases, reference materials etc.)

  • answer queries about citations (e.g. assist in the choice of the citation style, verify the correct form of citations etc.)

We don’t::

  • deliver specific items or research bibliographies upon request

  • perform a full check of in-text citations and bibliographies for accuracy


Service provision

Reference queries may be placed at the office, via email or by phone. According to the nature and the extent of the request, the staff chooses the most appropriate way to respond. Lengthy and complex requests (subject searches, queries about the use of research resources or about citations etc.) are dealt with exclusively at the office, preferably by appointment.


Online resources

The Information literacy tutorial provides you with the basics in order to find the information you need, assess it critically and use it for research and study purposes. The tutorial is interactive and self-paced (Italian only).

The Guide to citing references provides you with the basics on how to cite sources (printed and electronic) in the body of the text and how to list references at the end of the work. The guide is also available on paper (copies available at the Library information desk).


Target audience

The reference services are aimed primarily at USI students, academics and staff members, but are also available to the general public.

There is no charge for the reference services.


Where we are

The reference office is located on the ground floor of the BUL building.