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Università della Svizzera italiana University Library Lugano

University Library Lugano

Library loan service

Loan Regulations


Borrowable items located on the shelves:
Monday - Friday: 9 - 21.45
Saturday: 9 - 12 
(Summer hours: Monday-Friday: 9 - 18)

Borrowable items in closed access store and multimedia items:
Monday - Friday: 9 - 18

Patrons are entitled to borrow up to 10 items altogether for 28 days.

Items can be located on the shelves and checked out at the service desk on presentation of library card.

Loans are renewable before the return date, provided that the items have not been reserved by others. Patrons may check their loans via Aleph, the online catalogue management software, accessible on the Internet.


To access your library account:

1. Enter the SBT catalogue
2. Click on “Login utente”
3. Enter your login ID (“Numero carta utente/Barcode" = the 10 digit number on your library card; “Password”= the first 5 letters of your family name; if the name is shorter, initials of the first name are added. For instance: Bernasconi Roberto = BERNA ; Dell'Aquila Franco = DELL' ; Loy Antonio = LOYAN).
On your account you can change your password, check your loans, reservationsand pending fees – if any. Once you have finished please click on “Reset” to log out.

To reserve items on loan:

1. Click on “prenota” on the screen “dettagli copia” of the SBT catalogue
2. Enter you login ID and click on “invia”
3. You may add your remarks, then click on “inviare”.
Once you have finished please click on “Reset” to log out.
N.B. if you reserve items located in other libraries you have to collect and return them at those libraries.

To renew your borrowings:

1. Enter your library account
2. Click on the number next to the title you want to renew
3. Select “Rinnovo”.
Once you have finished please click on “Reset” to log out..
N.B. renewals (max. 2 online) are allowed
a. before the return date
b. if you do not have any pending fee
c. if the items have not been reserved by others

Further renewals may be requested at the loan desk.

Returns must be made directly to library staff at the service desk.

Overdue items are subject to reminders.
1st reminder: 2 days after the due date.
2nd reminder: 10 days after the due date, plus a fine of CHF 1.- for each item.
3rd reminder: 20 days after the due date, plus a fine of CHF 10.- for each item and the suspension of borrowing privileges.
4th reminder: 30 days after the due date. Patrons who fail to return items after receiving the 4th reminder will be billed for the replacement costs plus a fixed administrative fee of CHF 20.-
USI students’ and staff members’ computer access will be blocked.
For all “non-book” items (CD-Rom, DVD etc.) the 2nd reminder is sent 7 days after the due date and entails a fine of CHF 2.- The procedure above described follows.

Lost or damaged items are subject to replacement costs plus a fixed administrative fee.



Interlibrary Loan Regulations


Monday - Friday: 9 - 18

The Interlibrary Loan (ILL) provides access to material not available in our Library’s collections. Requests are forwarded to libraries in Switzerland and abroad. The Interlibrary Loan office is in charge with the service and is located on the first level, south side.

To place an ILL request please fill in the online form.

ILL borrowers must comply with any conditions and with the return date set by the lending library.
ILL materials can NOT be renewed.

Late returns are subject to a fine of CHF 1.- per day/per item.
ILL borrowers are fully responsible for the material in their possession and will be charged for any damage or loss incurred to the items – please report any loss or damage immediately.

It is possible to borrow up to ten items altogether, including both library and ILL loans.

It is possible to request copies of articles in periodicals that are not available in our collections. You may place a request for a Document Delivery (DD) by filling in the online form.

Please see the following fees for ILL and DD services:


Document location

USI/SUPSI (and USI Alumni) fees

Regular fees
  Books Articles Books Articles
Ticino (SBT) Free Free Free Free
Switzerland (RERO and IDS) Free CHF 10.- up to 20 pg. CHF 5.- CHF 10.- up to 20 pg.
Others Actual expenses Actual expenses Actual expenses Actual expenses


  • Academic teaching members and affiliated institutes providing proof of their status are exempted from payment.
  • ILL/DD services are available to Sistema Bibliotecario Ticinese (SBT) cardholders who have no pending fee and less than 10 items currently on loan.
  • Material located in other Lugano libraries cannot be requested. Material on the following topics is not provided: literature, fiction and novels, touristic guides, hobby manuals, music sheets, multimedia material (CDs, DVDs etc.).
  • It is not possible to request the same items before two months have passed.
  • It is not possible to place an ILL request for material that is owned by our library and is currently on loan.
  • Requested books must be collected before the return date, while requested copies within 15 days after receipt of the notification email; patrons who fail to collect items are subject to 5.- CHF fine plus mailing costs (min. 7.- CHF).
  • The length of the loan is set exclusively by the lending library.
  • ILL loans cannot be renewed.
  • ILL loans are personal and may not be given to others.
  • Failure to comply with regulations and to return items on time may result in suspension of ILL borrowing privileges.
  • Lost or damaged material is subject to replacement costs plus a 20.- CHF administrative fine.
  • Borrowers are kindly requested to pay ILL fees at collection time.