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  • For months we have been flooded with news and information about COVID-19, Coronavirus or SARS-CoV-2, terms that have their own and different meanings, but are sometimes misused as synonyms. With countless specialists from all over the world giving their opinions, it has become difficult for the ordinary citizen to understand the issues at stake.
    In an attempt to clarify the situation and to provide a tool to help find one’s way around this complex subject, the University Library Lugano has collected the many scientific and other articles authored by members of the academic body of USI and its affiliated institutions. Many contributions have in fact been made by members of our community, who have analysed the situation from different perspectives: healthcare, economic, social...
    With this tool, which we will be kept constantly up to date, we aim at providing a more appropriate and targeted source to access information, further underscoring the excellent results that our University and its institutions can achieve.
    University Library Lugano 
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