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Università della Svizzera italiana University Library Lugano

University Library Lugano


  • Covide certificate requirement: new measures (to access the library)

    As of 22 September, the following measures are in place:

    • In order to access the library, it is mandatory to show a valid Covid certificate. The certificate is checked at the entrance of the library building; a personal ID or USI card is also required. 

    • Face masks must be worn at the entrance and while moving inside the building. 

    • Wearing face masks is optional when sitting at the study table.


    Loan service for library users without certificate 

    Users who cannot enter the library can submit loan requests via e-mail to All necessary bibliographic details (author, title, publication year, call number) must be included in the email.


    From 9 for all requests placed after 16 of the previous day
    From 14 for all requests placed before 12 of the same day
    From 17 for all requests placed before 16 of the same day
    Items will be available for collection on the table at the entrance of the library, inside paper bags with the user name on it. 


    Items must be returned on the trolley labelled “Returns” at the entrance of the library building.


    For more information contact or 058 666 45 00